Use our SwiftText Text marketing to keep your business full of customers at all times, while rewarding your loyal customers with Text Promotions that save them money!

25% discount of all purchase tomorrow,
show your server this to get discount

Nic and Tanya. Would love to know if you’re
coming to “Happy 25th Birthday Mike. Details at …..

Tomorrow I have a free fitness session for
the first 3 persons who signs up first at ….

Don’t forget to come to potluck tomorrow.

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Don’t forget to sign your time-sheet
by COB today!

Reward your loyal customers and keep
your business busy all day, everyday.

Reminder: the company picnic was moved up to tomorrow,
don’t forget to bring your favorite dish.

Reward your loyal customers and keep your business busy all day, everyday!

Texting your loyal customers benefits them and you.

No setup fee! No subscription fee! Pay on what you are using at any time.

1- Use our free compliant web form allows you to collect mobile numbers.

2- Pay only for whatever amount of SMS you want to use.

3- Send promotional text to your customers using web form or through email

25% discount of all purchase tomorrow, show your server this txt to receive discount

Get Permission. Our complaint web / mobile form allows you to collect mobile numbers and get permission at the same time.

Only send texts to repeat or loyal customers who live or work in the area of your business.

Make sure your promotions are significant enough to get customers to come in on bad weather days, or during holidays or other slow period.

Are you a realtor and want to virtually have an additional powerful sale sign to advertise your house the second it hits the market?

Are you a fitness trainer and want to obtain the mobile number of potential interested clients when you send your promotion message through our service?

Do you have a small business and would you like to use autoreply SMS when you are out of town?

Do you want to sell your home but don’t want to put your number on the sale sign?

Do you want to introduce your services via SMS?


SwiftText Autoreply SMS is an auto-reply SMS service that allows people to receive a reply message from you via SMS instantly.  It is similar to email auto reply, except this one is an SMS reply.

With SwiftText AutoReply SMS you will get the mobile number of your potential customers.

After you register with us you can use to Add-Update your messages.

How to get Opt-in Number: After you register in our system, we will send you the Opt-in number. Your customers can SMS our number and enter your Opt-in number.


How to send SMS Message: You will go to and fill out the information and Submit your Message. SMS will be sent to people already Opt-in with your code.