All-in-One is a special offering tailored to Midsize and Small businesses’ needs.
This solution provides single platform for hosting all your web presence:

  • Public Web Presence (Internet)
  • Company Portal (Intranet)
  • Partner – Employees external Portal (Extranet) This solution can extremely simplify your operation costs, improves business processes, content management and publishing of contents to different audiences.
  • Companies up to 2000 employees might be able to take advantage of this offer.
  • Conditional to pre-assessment phase to determine your organization suitability for this offer.
  • Will configure and deploy SharePoint as one solution for your Intranet.
  • Your public web site as internet and also as a platform for extranet that allows your employees and partners connect securely to your web site through internet.
  • All-in-One does not mean one server, but means using same technology and platform to perform as your company internet-Intranet-Extranet.
  • This solution can extremely simplify your platform and save maintenance cost.
  • 3 to 5 days Pre-Assessment based on the complexity of the organization.