There exists a need to print the SharePoint page without the left and top navigation elements; leaving just the main content zone. There is also a need to print a list view or a single web part within the page.Some have come up with solutions involving java script and putting the code within the content editor web part. This solution can work for a few pages, but not for tens of sub sites or hundreds of pages. You cannot create a content editor web part for every single one of them.


SPPrintWebPart is a sandbox solution that allows for printing page content, list view, or web part across web application. This functionality is invoked within the Site Action menu bar. In case Site Action menu is not used in your site, this function can also be called from any other objects within your SharePoint.

SPPrintWebPart is a handy SharePoint utility for printing SharePoint pages, lists, and SharePoint web parts. SPPrintWebPart comes as a SharePoint feature that adds additional menu items under the Site Actions Menu bar. SPPrintWebPart is easy to install and easy to configure as a Sandbox solution.