We provide 5 sessions.
You will:
Get access to the training site
Get up to 30 extra sessions of training material based on market needs
Also a moderator is available to validate your work on new sessions.

Developers with 2-3 years of programming skills who are willing to learn and
work with SharePoint.

Our training goal is to put you on opening job positions. We encourage you to work for us after the training is over but you don’t have to.

  • Exercise remotely.
  • Self-study sessions as well as one-on-one training.
  • Watch videos and complete workshops.


No of sessionsCoastDetailDurationRegister
SharePoint Power User - Site admin1005$200.00Sessions and exercises contains:
SharePoint overall functionalities including
creating and working with Document libraries, lists, view, Meta data, Knowledge management
2 months remote access to SharePoint site and exercisesREGISTER
SharePoint development - Beginner2005$200.00Sessions and exercises contains
SharePoint development including creating workflows, writing JQuery and client object model and provisioning SharePoint security​
2 months remote access to SharePoint site and exercisesREGISTER
5$350.00Sessions and exercises contains
SharePoint 2013 Development with Visual Studio 2012, Create Web parts - Create event receiver, Create workflow, Create visual web part, Customizing ribbon​
1 month remote access to SharePoint site and exercisesREGISTER